Today, Hitchcock is a household word, like a few other names forever imprinted into the global consciousness of human culture: As Einstein has become a synonym for limitless mathematical genius and Beethoven a synonym for music, Hitchcock implies a psychological terror that goes beyond the trivial Gotcha! moments in the scary pictures of today. It is not a flaw if a film is made to scare you, but sadly, the term horror film has become a synonym for bad film like Einstein has become a synonym for genius. I believe that, today, few horror films actually have the ability to be genuinely scary. They can make you sick, sure. But do they also scare you? If you like to watch them flicks what is nowadays called horror films, you won't get scared. You'll become evil.

A film by Hitchcock I would recommend is the underrated “Rope“, which is not very scary, but still an interesting howdhecatchem that has been sadly forgotten by most of the critics.
The Bad, the Ugly and the Good in "Rope" (or something like that, anyway)

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