Notice something? Every one of these potential future presidents of the United States has the same lofty American Dream look on his face, a mix between forced greatness and pride and determination, that godawful holy "natural leader" look, dreamily tragically dramatically turning his face to the almighty Lord above.
It makes me sick! Why does the American election campaign always have to be such a silly melodramatic self-adulation? What century do we live in? Do you know who invented this pose of the great faithful patriotic man whom a historic task is being thrust upon and who will undoubtedly turn the holy holy holy United States into a better place once elected?
Of course, for him it was the holy holy holy Germany. But the pose and facial expression is very much the same, or at least strikingly similar. It is the widely known latent fascism in US politics.
If you want to be a US president too, use this free downloadable sketch on how to pose if photographed:
And here are a few people who do it beautifully:
Brad Pitt
Richard Dawkins

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